Help Save Christmas

Santa's Eight!

Santa's Eight!

Santa’s Elves Have Gone Missing!

Santa’s elves have gone missing and Santa believes Jack Frost is behind it. Learning of the support TinyLife offers to premature and vulnerable babies in Northern Ireland Santa has turned to them for help.

TinyLife has immediately deployed two specialist teams – they have two days to rescue the elves. Team Alpha and Team Bravo will compete in 11 live challenges consisting of innovative endurance and mental tasks. The challenges will be streamed live online on Saturday 20th December and Sunday 21st December and viewers will have the capability to alter the teams’ tasks and show support by sending them a live message of support. Viewers will also have the option to make a donation to TinyLife.

Tim Attwood, Belfast (Codename COMET), Ruth Miskimmin, Comber (Codename VIXEN), Andy Hood, Moira (Codename DONNER), Owen McAuley (Codename BLIZTEN), Gail Taylor, Downpatrick (Codename CUPID), Karen McShane, Downpatrick (Codename PRANCER), Jacqui Brady, Newcastle (Codename DANCER) and Ryan Speedy, Newcastle (Codename DASHER) are the eight good souls who have responded to Santa’s call to help save the elves.

The enigmatic eight will take up their positions in Teams Alpha and Bravo in a bid to be the first to release Santa’s elves, but first they will have to compete in 11 live challenges.

Gail, member of ‘Team Bravo’ says ‘We are like finely coiled spring – ready to burst into action at any given moment. We possess the skill required to crack this mystery, we will soon have Jack Frost on the run and the elves safely home were they belong!’

Team Alpha team leader Jackie comments ‘Team Alpha are keen of eye and sharp of mind. We will meet the challenges head on, our stamina and quick thinking minds will ensure we reach the elves first – we must Help Save Christmas for TinyLife.”

This is a challenge not to be missed, join Cupid, Prancer, Dancer and Dasher and the others as they go head to head in a bid to save Christmas. Viewers can change the outcome of this challenge by voting for your favourite team, supporting TinyLife and doing your part to Help Save Christmas – follow the links