eircom NI make tiny babies their business!

Darren Lemon, General Manager for eircom Northern Ireland said 'I like to think that during life we can all make a difference whether it is in business or our day to day lives.

eircom NI pride themselves in what they achieve for their customers but it is humbling to see how TinyLife can assist families during what is a very difficult time'. 

A man who knows all about the kind of support that TinyLife provides is eircom NI Service Manager Martin Daly, whose daughter Erin was born 14 weeks premature, weighing just 2lb 1oz.  Erin who is now 19 months, spent a prolonged time between the Royal Victoria and Craigavon neo natal units.

Martin says 'Erin's premature birth was a real emotional rollercoaster for my wife Siobhan and myself. We spent many days and nights, sitting by an incubator, willing our little girl to grow stronger so we could take her home.  We are very lucky Erin has no long term health implications and is a very healthy and lively toddler.'

When the opportunity arose to choose a charity of the year, the staff looked at a variety of charities to support however with many of Ericom's staff being new dads and dads to be, TinyLife was an obvious cause for everyone.'