Knitted & Crochet Heart Appeal

'Makey Mamas' is coordinating a worldwide campaign that will provide every mother who is spending Mother’s Day in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with a crochet heart - to let them know that they are remembered and loved during their difficult time.

Misty from 'Makey Mamas' says, 'The campaign began three years ago when a few Bristol mums crocheted hearts for every cot in the NICU at our local hospital. We now have mums from across the world - from New Zealand to Canada - making hearts for Mother's Day 2017.

We expect to receive about 4,000 hearts, of all shapes and sizes. As well as sending hearts across the Atlantic to British women, a group of American mums are setting up the same heart campaign for themselves too and one woman in Singapore has volunteered to make 500 hearts by herself!

Many of the mamas making hearts received them in previous years. Mamas who can’t crochet are either learning to, or helping with the assembling and labelling. There are mums of 'Angel' babies, NICU teenagers, grandmums, big sisters of NICU Babies, Mother and Daughter combos, Church clubs, Wine and Design groups, all making together. I have heard so many interesting, uplifting and supportive stories.'

"My daughter was born at 12.21am on Mother's Day. The knitted heart I received has affected me really deeply and is something that I think about frequently. It was such a kindness amongst worry and has helped the mental healing process no end.” Lucy Britton

Misty continues 'Makey Mamas runs creative workshops for pregnant women and mums. Being part of a network of mums, both personally and professionally, I see this campaign as a way of enriching the community I'm part of.

We are working with two charities, BLISS and TinyLife, who both support parents of babies born too soon.'

Watch this short video on how to make a heart

Knitters & crocheters in NI please send your hearts to TinyLife, 33 Ballynahinch Road, Carryduff BT8 8EH by 24th February 2017 for labeling and distribution to the Neo natal units.