Generous donation received in memory of baby Aoife

Lurgan couple, Paul and Seaneen Brady recently presented a cheque for £3929.90 on behalf of Paul’s employers, BG International to TinyLife, Northern Ireland’s premature and sick baby charity in memory of their baby daughter, Aoife. 

Seaneen and Paul who are also parents to Oran, 16, Brogan, 12 and Oonagh, now 2, lost baby Aoife in 2013 when a routine scan revealed that the identical twin girls had a condition called Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) where both babies are at severe risk because they share the same placenta.  It is common for identicial twin pregnancies to share the same placenta, which also means that they share the same blood supply and as a result, are at a higher risk of TTTS. 

The couple were offered the chance of a revolutionary procedure known as laser ablation of placental vessels where both babies would receive a more equal supply of blood.  Sadly, the procedure came too late in the pregnancy and baby Aoife passed away, in utero, some weeks later.

At 28 weeks, Seaneen went into premature labour and the babies were delivered via emergency caesarean section.  Oonagh spent time in the Royal Jubilee’s neonatal unit before being transferred to Craigavon Area Hospital.  It was there that the family first came into contact with TinyLife’s family support officer, Janice McCarron, who supports local families in the Southern Trust area with a range of support services including breast pump loan service, home based support programme and baby massage, to name but a few. 

After spending 6 weeks in Craigavon Area Hospital’s neonatal unit, Oonagh was discharged.  Over the coming months, Seaneen and Oonagh attended TinyLife’s baby massage classes and parent support groups. 

When the opportunity arose through BG International to nominate a local charity for a corporate donation, Paul did not hesitate in putting TinyLife’s name forward.  The couple were astounded when they heard the exact amount that the charity were set to receive. 

As a small local charity, TinyLife rely heavily on the generosity of local businesses.  The money donated to the charity will be used to purchase breast pumps which will benefit other local families who have been affected by premature birth or sickness at birth.