Belfast Author Pays Tribute to TinyLife

During the launch of his first novel 'The Polaris Whisper' author Kenneth Gregory paid tribute to the work of TinyLife and the Neo Natal units who supported him and his wife when their daughter Michelle was born prematurely 24 years ago.

To mark the launch of The Polaris Whisper Ken announced that TinyLife will be his charity of choice. By way of acknowledgement he presented TinyLife with a limited edition, signed print of one of the illustrations from the Polaris Whisper drawn by artist Jim Fitzpatrick. 

The Plot

Niclaus has just one aim in life - to win the Trial of Endurance to become the next leader of his village. The Trial is not without risks, and many have perished trying to complete it.

But little does he realise that Cado, leader and oracle of Newgrange, has very different plans for him; plans that involve taking on the might of Hakon the Black, the most feared Norse lord, and travelling far from everything he knows to defend the White Cross Followers.

Hakon's savagery knows no bounds: battle lines are forming; power beyond imagining is at stake - and at the ehart of it all is Niclaus.  Will he have the strength to fulfil his destiny? 

Polaris Whisper is available to order on Amazon.