Breast Pump Loan Service

As a new mum, you want to give your little one the best start in life. Research has shown that breast milk can significantly help the development of babies in neonatal units and thereafter. If your baby is in special or intensive care and you want to provide your own breast milk, TinyLife can lend a hand through our Breast Pump Loan Service. Providing breast milk can help you to bond with your baby in these difficult early stages when you may be feeling detached and isolated.

If you are a mum with a baby or babies in a neonatal unit, TinyLife has high quality electric breast pumps available for loan. This service enables you to express your own milk and bring it to the neonatal unit to be fed to your baby - a very practical way in which you can contribute to your vulnerable child’s development and growth in the crucially important early days and weeks of life.

We stock three types of Breast Pump – the Medela Lactina, Medela Symphony and Ardo Carum. We have also donated 11 pumps to hospitals and other centres across Northern Ireland.

Please call the office on 02890 815050 to request a breast pump.

In order to provide an effective service TinyLife requests that all mothers who use the service agree to the conditions of loan as detailed below.

Conditions of Loan

1. The loan period is normally 8 weeks; this will enable as many mothers as possible to access the service. However, if you require the pump for longer please contact TinyLife towards the end of your loan period to discuss a possible extension. Dependent on our waiting list we will try to accommodate you.

2.  Cost:  £40 for an 8 week period (includes £20 refundable deposit & £20 to cover cost of the kits).  Cash or card payment is acceptable.

3. All equipment must always be returned to the TinyLife Office, 11 - 13 Bloomfield Avenue, Belfast, BT5 5AA (Tel: 028 9081 5050) at the end of the agreed loan period unless another venue has been agreed with TinyLife.

4. The equipment must be returned to the collection point in a clean state. The lactaset kit (tubing, breast shield etc) is disposable and does not need to be returned.

5. In the event that you no longer require the use of the pump before the end of loan period please return it to TinyLife immediately to enable another mother to use it.



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